illuminé facial ™

Introducing the illuminé facial ™ from Cryoregenex.

Millennia in the making, the illuminé facial ™ utilizes our patent-pending cryovapor stimulation to calm the mind and revitalize the skin.



Connect with your aquatic self.

Stimulate the mammalian dive reflex. A primal reflex that calms the mind and body by decreasing the heart rate, increasing blood and nutrient flow to the brain, and vasoconstricting the skin.

During this calm time the energy is redistributed and modulated by the nervous system (primarily the trigeminal and vagus nerves) and one is overcome by a calm peaceful state.

Slowly we remove the cold stimulus and the skin awakens from its rest.

Pore size diminishes, collagen production rises, inflammation recedes, and the microcirculation of the face is fully revitalized and improved.

By utilizing the laws of our inner nature the illuminé facial ™ from Cryoregenex turns back the hands of time, not only in how we look… but how we feel.

The illuminé facial ™ is an integral part to each whole person cryostimulation. 

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