The information contained on this website and any other reading material, or videos that are offered by Cryoregenex llc are for informational purposes only. Whole body cryostimulation is not to be used as a form of treatment for any illness or disease without direction from a highly qualified health professional. Important notice: this equipment has not been tested or approved by the FDA or any other government agencies. Use of whole body cryostimulation is at your own risk. No warranties are expressed or implied.

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1) I’ve never heard of whole body cryotherapy what is it?

In a nutshell Cryoregenex’s whole body cryotherapy, more accurately termed, whole body cryostimulation (WBCS) is a process where the client stands in an open topped cylinder where they are exposed to 5 hyper cooled oxygenated air streams for a total of 10 minutes. See it in action here.

2) Ok, so how does it work?

The anatomically positioned hyper-cooled air streams fill the chamber and actively cool the skin and the body reacts. The body reacts by alternating vasoconstriction (blood vessels get smaller) and vasodilation (larger again) in the skeletal muscles and skin, releases endorphins and most importantly stimulating the autonomic nervous system.

3) What does that do for me?

There is a myriad of potential benefits that have been documented in research studies around the world. Some of these benefits include: decreased pro-inflammatory and increased anti-inflammatory levels,  decreased muscle soreness, decreased joint pain, elevated mood and decreased recovery time.  As always, please read the disclaimer listed at the bottom of the website.

4) So where’s the research?

Pubmed is a wonderful source of information on the latest research. Read through the abstracts here.


5) Is it safe, 10 minutes is so much longer than everyone else?

Yes, Cryoregenx’s WBC is safe. No tissues are actually frozen during a session. Most of the hard work is primarily done through the power of the brain and its control on the body. Cryoregenex is the safest machine on the market because it actively adds oxygen to the cryovapor mixture and never releases liquid nitrogen into the client area. This means yo can breathe our air!  Almost all other machines on the market do not make client safety a focus. We are able to maintain clients in the machine for approximately 10 minutes in most cases. We are the only company that actively reads patient biomarkers and custom tailors cold dosage based on these thus providing effective targeted sessions.

6) Ok, what’s the cost?

Cryoregenex believes in affordability and getting the most for your dollar. Sessions cost between $40 and $79 depending on package length. If you’re into super savings inquire about our Inflammation Fighter Challenge!

7) How can I get one?

If you are looking for a location to try WBC please email info@cryoregenex.com or call 561-797-9375 .

If you think a Cryoregenex would be a great tool to have at your practice or facility, please contact us for more information at  info@cryoregenex.com