Cryoregenex is the ultimate recovery system. Our team of doctors and aerospace engineers have spent the last 4 years designing, developing and manufacturing the safest and most therapeutically relevant machines on the market. With numerous unique features our units have become the trusted machines for many athletes including: NFL players, US and British Open polo players, […]

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The Features

Our clients, who range from professional athletes to those afflicted with inflammatory diseases such as fibromyalgia, choose Cryoregenex for it’s patented features. Click on the photos below to learn more.  

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Cryostimulation allows the human body to be enveloped in ultra-low temperature, oxygenated, CryoVapor (TM) air streams for a short period of time. This ultimate cold experience has been shown to shorten recovery time, reduce inflammation and increase performance. Most of the current research has been focused on athletic recovery and the natural pain management of arthritis. The use of […]

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Make your location stand out from the crowd with a clinically sound modality that will ‘wow’ clients with an experience and results unlike any other. We are currently accepting applications for new locations.  Visit our showroom in Wellington, FL  where you can experience the latest cryostimulation products by Cryoregenex and get the latest research, trends and business news surrounding […]



At our Wellington showroom we have a complete cryostimulation wellness boutique. We offer chiropractic, kinesiotherapy, and cryostimulation all in one place. Please call 561-797-9375 or email us here to schedule your complimentary consultation to see what Cryoregenex can do for you! If you know which package you would like to select please click the button below to […]

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